Argentina’s Entry Tax


Argentina Entry Fee

Argentina’s entry fee has been in effect since 2009. It must be payed by all travelers holding a passport from the United States, Canada and Australia. Cash payments at the airport are not accepted.

Paying the Reciprocity Fee:

  • Visit and fill out the application prior to your flight.
  • Print the document (It will have a barcode at the bottom) picture
  • Have the document ready to present to the airport agent.
  • Once in Argentina, an Immigration agent will scan the document.

More Travel Information

For more details on travel requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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Natural Wonders of Brazil You Should Definitely See

Brazil-Iguazu Falls-Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Brazil is home to some of the most compelling locales of nature. Whether you count the Amazon rainforest, the Amazon River, or you look into the country for other regions of amazing beauty, you’re not going to go wrong when you venture to Brazil on a vacation. It’s important to consider the many destination points here, especially when it comes to finding natural beauty. If you want to get away from it all and you really want to see nature up close, the following natural wonders will amaze and compel you to leave the smartphone behind.

Chapada dos Veadeiros

Located in Goias, this is one of the most compelling national parks in the world. It’s one of the oldest in the world and you’re going to find that there is just a natural beauty that is not easy to capture into words. Look for the waterfalls and rock formations that have been said to have a certain healing property for visitors that venture forth. It’s a compelling and amazing place to visit for those that want to traverse real splendor and natural opportunity without the noise of the big city.

Lencois Maranhenses

Maranhao is the setting for this natural wonder and something that is going to absolutely be amazing. If you go during the rainy season, you are going to find desert oasis’s appear as you travel through guided tours of sand dunes. Between the dunes, you will find water collecting and creating miniature oceans of clear water, and vegetation. There’s no real way to describe how compelling and awe inspiring these dunes are during the rainy months. It’s definitely something that comes right out of a magazine, as you will find these to be spectacular.


Head to Mato Grosso do Sul and you are going to be treated to caverns, rocks, river trips, and much more. The rivers here are known for their clarity, and their underground caverns will showcase rock formations that are by far the most intriguing around the world. Whether you want to go solo or take your loved ones, this is one area that is deserving of the natural wonders moniker.

Monte Roraima

For the rock climber, or hiker, here is a spot that is going to just cause you to want to live in Brazil. Located in Roraima, these mountains are flat topped and during cloudy days can present to you a picture worthy of famous painters and photographers. The contrast in colors and vegetation will compel you to tighten up your boots and trek forth to spots that truly are breath taking.

Entry Fees

If you are planning on exploring South America and would like to visit Argentina, you will need to obtain the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. You can apply at

For more details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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The many faces of Chile and multiple personalities, of a country…..

Chile Argentina Reciprocity Fee

If Chile was a person, the number of diagnoses under the category of psycho-realms would be endless. This is not to imply that this situation fell on the shoulders of the Chileans since no diagnostic procedures have been actuated. Anyway, multiple personality in a country with so much to offer to tourists may be a good thing after all. Multiple personalities of a country lying in the country with a beautiful all year weather outlook, lined with numerous pre-historic ice capped mountains and vegetation carpeted valleys presents the perfect get away, January to December, if only telecommuting was as good as it sounded.

So where does the country get its many faces? Is it possible for this to just happen out of nature? Well, nature and reality are more outrageous than fiction, and the strangeness of Chile is a perfect fit for this citation. I am sure Charles Darwin and Robinson Crusoe were right in setting sail to this novel strip of land, and mapping it for the rest of the world to see, without leaving any detail to chance. The reasons exist on paper and in articles, but it is best if you saw it for yourself.

Chile presents the best variety of food. I am sure you know of Chinese and Italian. Well, time to know about Chilean has arrived, and you will be surprised at how unique the cuisines are, and the diversity in tastes and flavors. Actually, eating in Chile is like one big cruise, comprised of a cuisines from across the world, mixed in the right proportions, with just the amount of taste and nutrition to measure at 10 on the excellence index of foods.

There is a very high possibility that the cuisine will open your eyes to the diverse wildlife, dizzying landscapes, beautiful cities and vibrant residents. The language is a mixture of Portuguese and all the beautiful language, with the best interaction between consonants and vowels to reveal musicality without sounding corny. Knowing the local dialect will be of much advantage, but with the limitation in time and the fact that there are much better things to do, such as finding your way across the cities to sample the best of urban life.

So what is good about the urban life in Chile? Well, after all the expansive walks across the uninhabited rural locations, you will need to catch one or two things about urban city life, whether during the day or the night. However which ever you prefer, make sure you don’t spend too long in that aspect, since there are numerous sunsets waiting for you back in the wild, back in the outskirts, where the real fun exists, where everything good comes from, especially the sun kissed fruits and beautiful breezes.

Before you leave Chile, make sure you witness the multicolored mountain tops, with the rays reflecting off the sculptures tops, portraying the best array of spectrums, designed by nature to challenge what technology can think of. And when you are thinking about it, don’t forget to share the starry night and bright middays with family and friends, because the best of Chile is magnified by calm and tranquility among people who share a common interest, history and future.

Travel Information

If you plan to visit Argentina while you vacation in South America, you will need to obtain the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. You can apply at

For more details on travel requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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Honeymooning In Argentina

Honeymoon in Argentina

If you’re looking for a unique spot to celebrate your nuptials with your one true love, why not head to the second largest country in South America? No matter what time of year it is, especially if you’re not afraid of a little summer sweat, Argentina boasts a multitude of some of the most romantic places and activities there are in the world. Why head off to the standard beach resort or overly touristic European spot when you can experience true adventure with the love of your life?

Beautiful Argentina boasts a wide English-speaking population, with most children being taught during primary school, and many Argentinians consider themselves very competent in the language. This is great for making vacation buddies to hike with through the steppe regions of Patagonia or stopping for directions in Nahuel Huapi National Park, where you can see the world-famous Tronador volcano.

Instead of going to Niagara, you can always pack up your camera (and wife) and head off to the gorgeous Iguazu Falls. This magical, romantic getaway is right between Argentina and Brazil and surrounded by jungles and peppered with large, lush islands. Imagine the look on her face as she gazes out at the rush of thousands of gallons of water and witnesses the cascades with their endless rainbows.

If you and your lover are fond of marine wildlife, one of the best places to visit in Argentina is Puerto Madryn on the Valdes Peninsula. This dazzling seascape is famous for the seals and sea lions that inhabit it. There is a popular pastime that you and your spouse are sure to love, the commercial whale-sighting boat trips. Many baleen whales come near the coastline for mating season, and these peaceful creatures inspire a sense of majesty most could only dream of experiencing alongside their partner.

Of course, being such a refined, culturally diverse nation, Argentina has more than its share of luxury hotels and honeymoon hotspots within its borders. If you’re looking to spend a good amount of time in style and cruising through a more urban setting, Buenos Aires has a fully-renovated Four Seasons hotel with more amenities than you can shake a stick at! The Hotel Madero in the same city is more traditionally Argentinian and offers many honeymoon packages for newly married couples.

No trip to Buenos Aires is complete without taking a night or two out to tango. This sensual, quintessentially romantic dance began here centuries ago, right in the streets. There’s much legend and mystique about how exactly it originated, but your lover won’t care about that at all once the music plays. On beautiful nights, it’s even heard in the famous parks of Buenos Aires, so why not pack up a surprise midnight picnic and surprise her with your newfound dance moves?

Regardless of your personality as a couple, Argentina is a hidden treasure trove of quixotic activities and dreamy retreats. From the steppe region to the subtropical, you’re bound to fall in love again.

Useful Information

To visit Argentina you need to obtain the Argentina Reciprocity Fee. You can apply at

For additional details on requirements for US Citizens, visit the State Department website or the Embassy of Argentina.

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